‘Make a Plan’ Monday

If you’re reading this then, whether you realized it or not, you’re already starting to change the way you think about your health.  There is so much truth to the saying “change the belief and the thinking changes; change the thinking and the action changes; change the action and the result changes”.

Try this- think about something you’ve been trying to change about your health and break it down into small achievable action steps. If you want to stop drinking so much caffeine then swap your afternoon cup of coffee or energy drink for cup of green tea instead. You could even make your AM Cup O’ Joe a half decaf then slowly wean off. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling naturally buzzed and energized.

So write your plan down, visualize it, verbalize it, even draw it- whatever you have to to get the ball rolling! Don’t settle, make a plan and make it happen!

Be Well,

The Team at PURE

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