Holiday Survival Tips

Let’s just be real, we don’t believe that this particular topic really needs any introduction so let’s get straight to the good stuff….

Survival Tip #1: Make Me-Time Count

As moms we schedule everything from play dates to family dinners, so why not ‘schedule’ time to be by yourself and unwind?

Survival Tip #2: Give Yourself a little treat

In the midst of the craziness and checking gifts off of your shopping list be sure to check off a little something for yourself too. After all, as mom’s giving is in our nature so gift yourself.

Survival Tip #3: Get Your Household under control

We mean this is the most polite way possible: get organized, put systems into place and FOLLOW THROUGH!!! The more structured your home life is during the holidays (or all year long for that matter), the more space and energy you free up for what really matters- like spending time with your family!

Survival Tip #4: Say “Yes” to Cutting Corners & “No” to Over-commitment

We can’t expect ourselves to give and do everything 100% of the time. Think about it this way: every time you say yes to something you have to say no to something else. Are you saying yes to what means the most to you?

Words of wisdom: Work smarter and not harder!

Be Well & Happy Holidays,

The Team at PURE!

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